— Chelsea ♥

I drafted the email image on this screen, but I didn't send it. I just needed to vent, to write my uncut thoughts out. I waited until the next day, Friday, February 18. I sent a short email to the coordinators regarding the issue. The coordinator who did teach the class – who might I add, had been on staff for over 3 years – responded with what I now know to be a calculated response. He said, "I spoke with C and J a week before the class, and they said to leave it."

When he told me that, I completely lost all faith, hope, and respect in my staff. I got angry, and I was frustrated, so I emailed them a less mean and nasty version of the one in my other blog. I asked him why he didn't reach out to be – the person to receive the document? Why would he ask two brand new people? Why would he choose to make them look bad? I basically called my staff incompetent. I meant it. I said they had no respect for me or for my role, and they had no respect for the place of work. I closed the letter with I quit ✌🏽. Four hours later, I emailed my Director of Training (DOT), and CC'd my former Director my resignation letter. I stated I would work until March 4.

In the back of my mind, I wanted them to know that my coworkers needed training, but the one coworker was actively trying to sabotage my new Director and the new staff members. There's always that one person in an office who constantly creates problems. Part of me thinks that I flipped out, knowing what he wanted. The other part knows not to give him the satisfaction. On Sunday, February 20th, my DOT responded to my email via a text message. She said she was in shock all weekend, but she understood. She said it was so stressful that she had no reason to convince me to stay. She was always being pulled in different directions and never had time to focus on her own task.

On Monday, February 21, 2022, I texted my DOT and stated that I was open to negotiating. I wanted to try to make the place better. I had thought about what I needed to make the place better, and I sent it to her via text. She called me immediately and stated that she agreed and wanted me to talk to her about everything on Tuesday. So I typed out my negotiations – preparing to fight for everything I proposed the following day.

But that negotiation never came…