Remove Scrollbars from Embed Code

How to remove the terrible scrollbar from your embed code.

— Chelsea ♥

We all hate those scrollbars on embeds. There's a simple solution to this. To remove scrollbars from your html / embed -place the following html in the style section of your html (embed). The style tag is as follows: <style> is an opening tag. </style> is the closing tag.

/* Hide scrollbar for Chrome, Safari and Opera */

body::-webkit-scrollbar {

display: none;


/* Hide scrollbar for IE, Edge and Firefox */

body {

-ms-overflow-style: none; /* IE and Edge */

scrollbar-width: none; /* Firefox */


If you are looking to disable scroll and not to hide the scrollbars only,you'll have to use overflow: hidden;to and to hide vertical scrollbar, or the horizontal scrollbar, overflow-y or overflow-x

Once you add this to your embed code your Google Sites will start to appear seamless. :)