Using Google Sites & Blogger

How I connected my blog and google site

— Chelsea ♥

It goes without saying that Google likes it when you use their products. While working on my own blog I decided to create it in blogger thinking it would be annoying to do, creating a sub domain and all. What I found was Google made it so easy. 

***Note - this process is only easy if your domain is purchased via Google Domains***

In order to connect my blog to my subdomain - initially I thought I would need to go to google domains and set up a subdomain. But I quickly learned that wasn't the case. As a matter of fact, I wasn't even going to name it. Blog.shedesigns! But the process was so quick I just went with it. 

Here's the skinny: 

All I did was log into Blogger select Settings>Publishing>Custom Domain. I then wrote the as the subdomain. Once I added this Google automatically added the cname record. It added the Blogger hosting to the website panel and the service to the domain overview.

On my website I elected to not embed the blog and instead created a link in the pages panel and set the link to open in the same window by unchecking the "Open in a new tab" box. 

During this process my website did come down for a moment and I needed to republish it. :( But the total time I spent was roughly 5 minutes. I have yet to see anyone talk about this but it is definitely a pro in my book!

You can watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel.