Celebrating my sisters

Celebrating the life of my sisters.

— Chelsea ♥

The month of July is crazy busy. It's summer, kids are out, my little sister has a birthday and my older sister is calling me to tell me how ungodly hot and humid it is. She's the kind of women to call you back to back and text you to say, "Pick up or I'll harass you." I'd always have to remind her, "Sieara, I'm in a meeting I'll call you back." Usually I would call if it's late in the evening after everyone at work has left for the day and I have nothing else to do but wait for my significant other to get off work. This was a regular occurance in my summer over the past four years.    

While I miss her, the kids are with our younger sister who is celebrating the big 25! As we celebrate her life and come ever close to remembering the loss of my older sister on July 22nd, I can't help but hope my sister is as proud of the hard work my sister has put in. The efforts she has taken in stepping up and working to take care of her little ones.

I know that I am! This July I celebrate my sisters in the only way I know, by being kind and creative. By giving more of myself and expecting nothing in return.

Cheers, to Anastacia and Sieara! My tall little sister and my small big sister. May she rest peacefully. ❣️❣️